About us

Learn more about our background, mission, vision and values


We are a team of experienced and skilled professionals, who create high-quality, innovative solutions for customers operating in different sectors and which can be adapted to any company around the world.

ShareValue has Clients in various activity sectors and industries, in Public Administration, as well as Private Companies, mainly in Waterworks Industry.

Our history

ShareValue was created on February 21, 2007, product of a Spin-Off of the company eB-Focus (founded in December 1999) of the Tecnidata Group. The name ShareValue comes from the name of the mother company’s star product, with which it had gained market share and great notoriety. By agreement with Tecnidata, Sharevalue inherited
eB-Focus’s products and the teams associated with them, so there was no disruption in the development and
the support to the clients of that time.

Our history is inseparable from our family of products, which are based on the Integrated Performance Management System. The fact that it already had a consolidated team, products recognized by the market, and active partnerships and clients allowed it to present positive results since its first year of activity. These positive results have allowed
us to have a strategy of differentiation through innovation, via a continued self-financed investment, always coupled with the pragmatism that characterizes us.

Our mission, vision
and values

Our mission includes ensuring innovative solutions that enable our clients to have the efficiency needed to add value to their business and thus be one step ahead of their competition.

We want the market to consider our products as excellent. Through our solutions, we want to innovate, to make
our clients more efficient, and thus help them differentiate themselves positively in their area of expertise.

We take Client’s experience and feedback very seriously, so that with each implementation our products become better and stronger. We value continuous evolution, based on innovation, competence and pragmatism.

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