Regulator Version

The Regulator Version is currently used
by the Regulatory Authority 
in Cape Verde


AquaPerformance has a special version for Water Regulatory Authorities. It is an inestimable tool which supports
the Authorities´ work. AquaPerformance helps in creating a transparent controlling system of subordinated entities.

It gives the possibility to create a Master Portfolio with all Indicators related with Quality of Service – water quality, financial stabilization or environmental issues.

Thanks to the feature of creating every company´s profile, the system automatically will identify the right indicators with predefined targets.

Entities, via webforms, will be able to send their data and also monitor their results. On the other hand, Regulatory Authorities will have access to all data collected from the entities and reports generated on their basis.

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Manage indicators

The regulator can allow the regulated entities to manage the imposed indicators as their own business indicators

Internal targets

Internal targets for the entities can be defined together with regulator targets. They can define monthly targets, they can feed data along time (permission management
and data table environment)

Disruptive approach

Let the regulator support the entities with a complete management system from
their side. Benchmarking is supported as well

Water Quality

The module was created with a purpose of helping Water Entities and Regulatory Authorities to manage one of the most important issues of today´s world – quality of water.
Water Utilities are required to have a Water Quality Control Program that demonstrate how they will ensure that the water they provide to human consumption is drinkable regarding the predefined standards.

Laboratories perform scheduled water analysis that ensure water quality and report non-compliance results.
Other Entities can participate in the process.

The Water Regulator must have a way to control, provide feedback and get reports about the Utilities and Water Quality Control Programs, ensuring that Utilities are delivering drinkable water that comply with the standards.

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  • Fully configurable by the regulator
  • Support changes over the years
  • Deadline submission date definition
  • Notifications
  • Water origins, types of origins
  • Water treatments definition
  • Water sources, supply areas and delivery points definition
  • Administrative divisions definition
  • Laboratory definition
  • Types of units, controls, and parameters
  • Parameters listing and parametric values
  • Routine and frequency control definition
  • Parameters/routine control association


  • Water Quality Control Programs definition with validation support
  • Water Quality Control Programs tacit changes/ required approved changes
  • Non-compliance report with causes and corrective measures definition
  • Validation workflow with multiple configurable steps
  • Annual analysis schedule map
  • Non-compliance alerts
  • Pesticides exemption request
  • Parameters frequency change
  • Parameters change request (add/remove)
  • File attachment support
  • History support
  • Water Quality Control Data Input
  • Reports
  • Notifications



Multiple User Roles support




Unlimited users


Unlimited Water Utilies

No local installation – only
a browser is required

Online access


Azure or on-premisse installation

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