Your tool to manage
and improve your performance over time


Do you ever wanted to operationalize the strategy for your company in a way that every department is properly aligned with the above goals and ultimately contributing to the company global strategy and performance?

AquaPerformance will help you to make this a reality.

AquaPerformance is an Integrated Performance Management System software entirely dedicated to the Water Sector that is currently being used by many Water Utilities to manage their performance. Based on the Balance Scorecard Methodology, it helps you to create your strategy, align goals, actions and resources on every strategic level, from top management to each department of the organization.

How does it


Trusted IWA based portfolio

By using a portfolio of indicators based on the IWA, you will
be able to constantly monitor your performance.
By providing a way to measure the indicators along the time,
you can check the performance at any time and take the
proper actions to ensure that your indicators will meet the
desired performance by the end of the annual cycle

Get your first performance diagnosis

To have your first performance diagnosis from AquaPerformance you just have to set your strategy, align goals with actions, allocate resources, select the desired indicators, get data from your back-end (or any) system and AquaPerformance will do the first diagnosis of your results based on the predefined targets. From that diagnosis you will take the necessary actions to improve, constantly monitoring your performance

Some product



The application supports multiple languages, adjusting to the language of the user



Support for more than one entity
in the same application, securely, confidentially and transparently

Suitable for any configuration

Practically the entire application
is configurable, adjusting to the specific needs of each client

Simple interfaces
with usability

Simplicity in use, as a result of the feedback we have had from our clients


Unlimited number
of users

Use all application features regardless of the number of users who use it


web solution

Simplified access to the application. You only need a browser


AquaPerformance helps you to:

  • Define your short and long-term strategy and align it with goals, actions and resources (human, financial, material)
  • Monitor your company´s performance thanks to a set of Indicators which work as business sensors
  • Ensure that all the organization structure is aligned and contributing to the overall performance and global strategy
  • Be more ahead of other, similar companies
  • Improve by comparing through very reliable benchmarking and history data
  • Access your performance whenever you want, wherever you are, from any device, by using the web Management Cockpit
  • Quickly identify any delays or problems and therefore implement right solutions that can be linked to activities plans
  • Manage better and more effectively your company
  • Analyze data automatically
  • Constantly monitor all company´s processes
  • Boost your performance and improve your results

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