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The application is currently used
by a great number of Water
Entities in Portugal


AquaPerformance is an Integrated Performance Management System application dedicated to both bulk and retail entities from the Water Sector. Based on the Balance Scorecard Methodology, it helps you to create your strategy, align goals, actions and resources on every strategic level, from top management to each department of the organization.

By using a portfolio of indicators based on the IWA, you will be able to constantly monitor your performance.

By providing a way to measure the indicators along the time, you can check the performance at any time and take
the proper actions to ensure that your indicators will meet the desired performance by the end of the annual cycle.

Additionally, AquaPerformance can support a portfolio of unlimited operational indicators that cover all operational areas of any water entity and give you a global insight into the company´s performance.

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Different indicators portfolios

The application supports unlimited operational indicators, regulator indicators and other companies’ indicators to run comparative analysis


Implementation methodology tested in a number of water companies.
We can deliver it all from business to software


Methodology based on Balanced Scorecard which helps you to set your strategy and align it with goals, actions and resources

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